Phoenix is our telecommunication industry SaaS solution. If your network involves any kind of RF then Phoenix is optimized to handle it.

The chances are your company doesn't have (or want) a fleet of data scientists and software engineers on standby. Even if you do, they probably have better things to do than stand around configuring complex agnostic AI systems. That's why we designed Phoenix. An OS style SaaS solution that resides on top of ANNI, our platform-as-a-service (PaaS) solution that provides all our predictive capabilities. We built Phoenix to dynamically take care of the thousands of functions and configurations that optimize ANNI for the telecommunication industry so you don't need a fleet of data scientists and software engineers.

Discover and resolve issues before they occur

Prediction and Performance Management

System Performance

Get visibility into past and present system performance and well as insight into predicted future system wide performance.

Device Maintenance

Predictive analysis on components maintenance service windows helps keep systems running optimally and group repairs.

Component Failure

Predictive analysis of component and subcomponent failure windows allowing better stock management and improved uptime.

Configurable Thresholds

Configurable and adaptive system thresholds based on real world deployments. Determine when predictions are sufficiently accurate.

Customizable Prediction Depth

Customize the number of devices a prediction should cascade through to evaluate relational failures between components.

Performance Reporting

Export analytical data on system performance helping understand what components have the most effect and their burn rates.

Monitor your network with total transparency

Network Management

Network Health Monitoring

View real-time network health. Knowing the state of every component in your system is critical to keeping it running optimally.

Network Mapping

Visualize your network topology including non-networked slave NMS components with auto-discovery capability.

Configuration Monitoring

Complete overview of network component configurations with historical and restore capabilities to previous states.

Traffic Analysis

Inbuilt packet analyzer to examine application to component I/O traffic determining intra network communication health.

Unlimited Protocols

Communicate with hardware using ANY known protocol. TCP/IP, UDP, ICMP, POP, SMTP, HTTP, FTP, SSL, RTP, NNTP, TELNET etc.


Complete user security auditing with transparent access to both pre and post action data including hardware configuration changes.

Real time management and system configuration

Network Configuration Management

Configuration Backup

Two weeks of complete historical network component configurations with restore capabilities to previous states.

Configuration Comparison

Storage of historical network component configurations at 3 minute intervals allowing change analysis and comparison.

Change Management

Integrated remote management of devices. Update values and configurations on devices. Reboot devices. Native NMS access.

Fault Management

Detect, recover and limit the impact of failures in your network using real-time fault detection of components.

Firmware Upgrade

Deploy firmware upgrades across your entire fleet in parallel with full audit reporting and automatic rewind on errors.

Granular Permissions

Assign granular permissions to your team over which components they should have access to and what they should be able to do.

Broadcast system events and notifications

Notification Management


Create subscriptions to listen to application event broadcasts whether it be security, incident, inventory, predictions etc.


Assign a customizable workflow in response to system events. If an event occurs that matches your subscription your workflow will be initiated.


Send notifications from your workflow using ANY mechanism or service you want: Email, SMS, IM, Voice Call, Group Meeting etc.

Feedback Loops

Use your workflow to create feedback loops to manage other system related or unrelated components in response to events.


Complete RESTful API with more than 38 supported SDK languages to allow you to integrate into existing applications and services.


Powerful event filters allow notification dispatching with atomic precision. From everything to a single identifiable property.

Billions of devices with almost 100% availability

Enterprise-class scalability

Enterprise Network Monitoring

We have an enterprise network ourselves, so we know what it takes to monitor them. Our tools are here to cut through the noise and find the problems.

Enterprise Network Management

Gaining visibility into an enterprise network is valuable, but being able to manage millions of disparate components under a single pane is invaluable.

Enterprise Scalability

We understand that enterprises can have huge distributed networks. That's why we designed our systems to handle unlimited concurrent devices.

Remote Network Monitoring

We don't believe that in order to manage a network we should inside it. Your network is your own it doesn't need configuration of complex monitoring clusters.

Load Balanced

All our systems implement load balancers with auto scaling clusters. No matter how much power your system needs it's available on demand.


All our application clusters are self-healing. If we detect a problem with a node on our network it will automatically be isolated and replaced giving almost 100% uptime.

Customized capabilities with plugins

Unlimited customization options to suit your business


We can connect up to any piece of hardware, software, virtual machine, interface etc. using any type of communication protocol.


Customize the interface functionality to suite any business need you have. Any page visualization you can dream up can be injected.


Send event notifications from your workflow using ANY mechanism or service you want. Email, SMS, IM, Voice Call, Group Meeting etc.


Integrate into any pre-existing security implementation allowing augmented security using SSO or dual factor authentication.

Workflow Integration

Use plugins to inject custom steps into event workflows. If an event occurs that matches your subscription your workflow will be initiated.


Want to go off spec? We have an API with more than 38 supported SDK languages to allow you to integrate into existing applications and services.

Monitor across any vendor or OS

Server Management

Network Management Systems

Pre-built support for a large number of native NMS. If we don't support it yet, we can.

Distributed Antenna System

Pre-built support for a large number of DAS. If we don't support it yet, we can.

Small Cell

Pre-built support for a large number of Small Cell Systems. If we don't support it yet, we can.


Pre-built support for a large number of Repeater Systems. If we don't support it yet, we can.


Pre-built support for a large number of WIFI and AP Systems. If we don't support it yet, we can.

IoT Compatibility

Pre-built support for a large number of IoT sensors. If we don't support it yet, we can.


Pre-built support for a large number of Window and Linux OS Servers. If we don't support it yet, we can.


Pre-built support for a large number of Power Management Systems. If we don't support it yet, we can.


Pre-built support for a large number of Base Transmission Units. If we don't support it yet, we can.


Cerberus X is our fully managed remote security hardware solution. It works hand in hand with Phoenix, encrypting and bridging data securely from one network to another.

We take security extremely seriously. In fact, we even use ethical hacking on our own systems to find weaknesses and vulnerabilities. Cerberus was designed to provide a seamless connection point between your networks and ours. In our experience, we found that the connection point between networks is often the most vulnerable. The intersection between technologies, methodologies and company policies often results in painful and poor meshing. We created Cerberus to be an ultra-secure and flexible, plug and play solution. We believe that our networks should be able to securely connect with a total transparency when it comes to subnet mapping, encryption keys, tunnels, etc. We don't believe that you should ever need to open up sockets in your network to inbound traffic, nor should you need to assign public IP's.

Enterprise grade security and reliability

Complete Security Solution

Network Isolation

We want to keep yours and our network securely isolated. Respective networks are only granted permissions to connect specified private IP routes.

Network Mapping

Subnet collision is a thing of the past. We automatically create a network bridge to make networks compatible regardless of their subnet ranges.

VPN Tunneling

Data is only ever transmitted inside the established VPN tunnels that originate from Cerberus and end inside our network.


Our VPN host uses load balanced clusters with auto DNS routing so that if a host becomes overloaded or fails it is isolated and replaced.


All data is subject to a 1024-bit encryption before being transmitted. Keeping your network and data safe is our priority.

Rack or Desk Mount

Equally at home, in the office or the datacenter. We have both desk mounted models and 1U rack mounted models depending on requirements.

Fully integrated eco-system with no fuss

Uncompromising Efficiency


99% of the time it will run out of the box. Just plug into the network, power on and your good to go. Authentication, validation, mapping, isolation, tunneling, etc. is all taken care of.

Dial Home

The system will automatically establish an encrypted tunnel back to our network to authenticate itself. If the connection is ever interrupted it and will automatically re-connect.

WIFI Enabled

No need to plug in Ethernet cables and search networks. A short range WIFI network is established if the unit is disconnected allowing for ultra-easy configuration from any WIFI enabled device.

Low Power

Everything is designed to be low profile, software and hardware. From the latest Intel chips to its silent fanless design, mean that you will barely even be able to detect its footprint.

4G *

Don't even want to allow outbound traffic through your firewall. No problem, we have integrated the latest 4G LTE Advanced cards. All you have to do is slot in your SIM card and your network is bypassed completely.

IoT Integrated *

We have a range of WIFI enabled IoT components like dry contacts monitors and power strip units to perform remote power reboots that all automatically connect to Cerberus. No IPs, no configuration, no fuss.

* Cerberus x7


ANN is our Adaptive Neural Network. It is essentially a mutagenic algorithm at the core of all our systems. And ANNI is the Interface (Adaptive Neural Network Interface).

ANN is the mutagenic algorithm running on our serverless autoscaling infrastructure and provides all our predictive capabilities. ANNI is the interface that wraps ANN and creates our platform-as-a-service (PaaS). Instead of offering direct access to ANNI, which involves complex and time consuming configuration we have built a suite of industry specific SaaS solutions that take care of optimizing ANN for the given industry.

and so much more...